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The Rental Process

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  4. We'll ask you a few simple questions to better serve you and to find you the best available rentals that suit your needs.
  5. After confirming an appointment, you'll be able to preview the apartment and complex with one of our rental specialists.
  6. Still not sure? No problem. Go back to our site and check for new listings or update your search criteria.
  7. If you interested in renting one of our listings after previewing, you must fill out and submit an application, along with your credit report. Some rentals also require board approval. (Both can be downloaded from TOOLS section on our website.)
  8. After we review and verify your completed documents we will contact property owner or manager and notify you if you have been accepted.
  9. Upon landlord approval, we will then proceed to draft residential lease and request security deposit, first month's rent, and broker fee (Based on the fee, if any, applied to listing). Only money order, cashier's check or cash is accepted.
  10. In conclusion, we will then proceed to a "Lease Signing" at our office. Both parties will sign finalized residential lease agreement and exchange contact information. All monies and keys will also be exchanged at this time. And you're done!

Renter Tips


Provide us with clear information about yourself and your needs. It will help us find you the best suitable apartment or home. The better the quality of information the better the results.


Keeping confirmed appointments are important. Some apartments have tenants in them.


Property owners want tenants with good credit. All listings require a renter's application and a credit report. Some rentals also require board approval (co-ops). So be honest and upfront. Regardless of your situation we'll do our best to help you.

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Changes to your rental plans? Remember we're here to help. Contact us if you have any questions after reviewing our site.

Broker Fee

A broker fee may apply to listings. You'll have one out of three possible landlord incentives or fees associated with each listing.

  1. Tenant pays no broker fee (Landlord pays full broker fee)
  2. Landlord pays half the broker fee (You & Landlord split full broker fee)
  3. Tenant pays full broker fee


We, Blvd East Rental Group at REMAX, are local licensed real estate agents, so you can feel reassured that you are working with skilled, knowledgeable, and professional rental specialists dedicated to the Blvd East area.

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